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The BAROSA group has assumed its social responsibility in the region, investing in areas of environmental influence, in order to preserve the health of our planet, to this, it has implemented the following measures:

  • Mounted 522 photovoltaic panels producing a total of 137.79kW, avoiding the sending of +/- 90 tons / year of CO2 to the atmosphere;
  • It has thermosolar panels for heating hot water;
  • Installed LED lights in all sectors of the company;
  • It has electronic systems for energy control;
  • Tem já no seu parque automóvel 3 viaturas pesadas híbridas;
  • Tem já em teste tecnologia de hidrogénio nas viaturas para baixar as emissões carbónicas até 80%;
  • Uses non-potable water for outside washing (vehicles / others);
  • Selects Solid Waste;
  • Recycles paper already used in your internal photocopies, using it a second time;
  • Agrafa as faturas de Manuel Barosa, Lda. sem agrafos metálicos;
  • Envia envelopes sem impressão com documentos para os clientes, por forma a serem reutilizados pelos mesmos;
  • Collects used batteries from all employees / visitors of the company.

We will continue to invest in the planet's quality of life by implementing the latest environmental best practices.

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